The iPhone is a wonderful gadget but lets face it the iPhone battery life can really let it down. If you cant be without your iPhone between charges then follow this simple guide and realise how the way you use your iPhone really does make a differnce to how the battery behaves!.

Here are our 5 simple ways to make your time between iPhone battery charges last longer:

1: Ever wondered which apps are running in the background zapping your energy? Close any apps which are running by double clicking the home button and closing any unused ones by holding the app down until the close button appears (pre IOS 7)

2: Wi-Fi can drain your battery especially when you are on the go and it keeps trying to find a connection. Turn off the wi-fi when you are travelling are outside a normal Wi-Fi spot. If you are in a Wi-Fi zone that you can use and you need to go online use this instead of the mobile internet as the battery will drain less quickly.

3: Down to your last 10% battery life? Turn off the 3g and just use the GSM network. This will mean you can still make and receive calls but no power hungry data connections will drain the battery.Go to settings>mobile>3g and turn the button to off.

4: Turn the screen brightness to as low as possible to give your up to 20% more time between your charges. Also try to use Auto-brightness when out and about as this will adjust the screen depending on the conditions. To enable Auto-Brightness, go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper and set Auto-Brightness to On.

5: Use your phone just like a phone and close Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter and anything else that makes you use your Smartfone. Suddenly you will have a phone that lasts like the old days, well up to 7 days between charges (ok we admit that number 5 is impossible but the reason that batteries drain so fast is the usage of the phones have gone through the roof since mobile broadband and smartfones have improved!)

You can also look at the Apple “Official” guide which details some more ways to save the battery life.