Mobile recycling is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK right now helped by consumers eager to get cash for their old device. Not all mobile recyclers are the same and often the headline figure you are offered ends up being less then you expected leaving you disappointed and feeling cheated. Here at Geckofone we have put together 8 questions you should ask your mobile recycler before sending your mobile.

1# – How quickly will I get my cash once you receive the phone?

Some companies take up to 7 days to even assess your phone and then pay you by cheque meaning that the cash takes  a mind bending 14 days to even get to you! Here at Geckofone we pay you the same day we receive your phone – guaranteed!

2# – Will you pay me the price you show me on the website?

You often see great headline figures but read the terms and conditions and there are an appalling number of reasons they can pay you less, the worse being wear and tear. Here at Geckofone we wont mark you down for general wear and tear. Be wary of recyclers who will assess your phone for general wear and tear as they will often revise your offer.

3# –  Can I get my phone back for free if the recycler revises the offer?

This is a common ruse by the recyclers who can charge up to £10 to return your phone even if they revise the offer! We think that is wrong and that is why we will return the phone for free if we have to change our offer for any reason.

4# – When is “Free Postage” going to cost you money?

The vast majority of mobile recyclers will offer you free postage for you to send the phone to them. Deep in the terms and conditions though they will state that you are responsible for insuring and tracking the phone until it reaches them. Royal Mail will only cover up to £50 in the event that they lose the phone, which doesn’t cover any of the iPhone’s. Most people end up paying £7.15 for Special Delivery. Your fantastic offer price with free postage has started to look less appealing. Here at Geckofone we pay you an extra £5 on top of the price we quote you to cover most of your postage cost.

5# – How much will you pay for my broken iPhone?

The vast majority of mobile recyclers will either pay you a pittance for a broken device or tell you to send the device in for assessment and then pay you a pittance. Here at Geckofone we are transparent in our pricing and know that some iPhones only have minor faults. You can use our service to recycle your broken iPhone with a price agreed up front and with the same guarantees around same day payment and free returns.

6# – Will you securely delete any of my personal data?

This is an absolute must and you should avoid any companies that don’t use industry leading data delete tools. Here at Geckofone we guarantee to permanently delete any of your personal data.

7# – Will my iPhone be recycled in an environmentally responsible way?

Its important that if your phone cant be found a new home that the recycler doesn’t just chuck the phone in the bin. All recyclers should follow the WEEE directive and recycle in a responsible way. Here at Geckofone you can be assured that we are a responsible recycler.

8# – Are you a legit mobile recycler?

Its a sad fact that there are a number of websites popping up in the UK that have the aim of conning you out of your phone and disappearing with it. You should take the same attitude to recycling you mobile as you do generally shopping online.  Make sure that the company has a UK address, land-line phone number and email displayed prominently. If they are a company make sure that you can find them on companies house. If the offer looks amazing then ask yourself if they are genuine.

Make the right choice when you sell your iPhone and use a company like Geckofone