We are often asked by customers where they can get their iPhone screen repaired quickly and cheaply so we have put this guide together to help you make a choice.

Apple Care Warranty

If your phone is less then 1 year old then your first port of call should be Apple as they will be able to fix your device fault quickly and for free. However they don’t cover screen repairs as this is excluded under their “Accidental Damage” clause. They will however swap your phone out for a new one for around £150. Expensive but worth it if the phone is new and still under warranty.

Fix the iPhone screen yourself

A whole industry has grown up around Apple offering to supply parts for the iPhone. You should remember though that Apple does not re-sell screens outside of its “Authorised Apple” service providers so you need to know that the parts will be “After Market” which basically means a copy. Some of these copies use the same materials as the original so don’t be too put off by this but do make sure that you ask the company a lot of questions and if possible get recommendations. Two trusted suppliers in the UK are Caytek and Replacebase.  Once you have the parts and tools we recommend you head over to iFixit.com and read the guides at least twice. I must stress though that an iPhone repair is not simple and takes many (trust me) attempts to get it right. Expect to pay around £20-40 for a decent iPhone 4s screen.

Use a Repair Company to fix your iPhone

A cost effective way to get your iPhone screen repaired is to use a Repair company. There are a number out there and costs vary widely reflecting the size of the company and its expertise aswell as the quality of the parts used. As with most repairs they will be using After Market products so ask questions on the quality and warranty offered before you give them your phone. Luckily we can recommend our sister company Mad About Phones who will fix your iPhone 4 or 4s for just £39.99.