There are often times when you pop in a new SIM and don’t know what your number is. You can use the following ways to discover the number:

  1. On your iPhone tap the green call button and then contacts (the number should be displayed at the very top)
  2. On your iPhone tap the keypad section under the same green call button and enter “*#100#” and hit the call button (No speech marks). This will send a request to the network to send back your mobile number
  3. Make a chargeable call to another phone you own and either dial 1471 or look at the missed call.
  4. Connect your iPhone to Itunes and click on the “iPhone” and then the summary page should display your number.

At least one of those methods should work unless its a very old SIM that has been re-provisioned by the network (i.e you need a new SIM as the networks tend to recycle un-used ones after 6-9 months of no chargeable activity)

These methods work on all the UK networks including Vodafone, O2, Orange, EE, T-Mobile, Giff Gaff, Tesco Mobile, Three.