If the stats boffs are to be believed over 25% of people now meet on-line. Gone are the days of searching through the classifieds or being helpfully matched up by your friends desperate to get the equivalent of the ugly sisters a blind date. Nope now days its all digital and with a swipe of the finger you can get up to all kinds of mischief. Best thing is that on the internet this means for free.

Tinder originally launched in the US last September and if you haven’t seen this yet then where have you been? It has taken the US by storm and its over in the UK now. Hold on to your hats though as this is “Hot or Not” on steroids.  No fees, no lengthy sign up process, just let it have access to your Facebook profile and it will instantly let you see its members.  The uniqueness of this app though is that you swipe through people rejecting them as you go along, no long lists just instant yes or no. Any that like you back opens up a direct messaging route. Its simple and so shallow that we love it!

You can get up and running in less then a minute and as long as you don’t mind rejection the law of averages means that you will find someone. Friends of Geckofone have told us this site makes casual dating a breeze among the late teens and early twenties. Although the site makes it clear that this is not a hookup app its hard not to think its is.  According to the Guardian it added 1m users in its first month alone which makes it one of the fastest growing dating apps in the UK.

Will the App ever make money or go corporate? We dont think so but for now the site is fun, pretty harmless and a bundle of fun..

Dating classifieds? Thats so 1999.